Live Your Life on Purpose

To live free of emotional burdens, love fully, feel calm and clear, and move forward creatively and confidently is  “Living On Purpose”. I want to be your “Partner in Purpose”. We all do better and go farther when we have someone on our team, a partner who has our back, keeps our best interests in mind, and helps us to see what is in our way. That is the kind of partnership I offer. 

I have been providing life-changing, purpose fulfilling therapy for individuals and couples since 1991. I have an interactive and welcoming style, which makes it easy to speak openly and freely. I can help you discover and strengthen your core resources and remove life-long impediments that have blocked your fulfillment. 

The goal-oriented focus of our work together will help you feel better within yourself, make meaningful changes within relationships, and develop practical skills and creative solutions for success in all areas of life.

Tell me, what is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
Mary Oliver