How My Training Benefits You

  • I carefully tailor therapy, whether short-term or long-term, to my client's needs, making use of a wide range of therapeutic approaches in an interactive, practical, and focused way.
  • First and foremost, I bring a wealth of wisdom culled from my own life experience raising children, having long-term relationships, being a businesswoman, and coming from a large, dynamic family.  
  • I bring the fruits of nearly 30 years of mindfulness practice—a calm, clear, and focused attention and an expanded view of your potential as a spiritual being.
  • Since 1991, I have been helping clients achieve their goals and live on purpose. I regularly and actively incorporate the best and latest information for wellbeing into my practice.
  • I frequently use the Internal Family Systems Model (IFS) because of its gentle, yet rapid effectiveness in accessing inner resources and systematically unburdening impediments to full living. I am a certified IFS Therapist.
  • In my experience, an understanding of Developmental Psychology provides a roadmap for anticipating areas of disruption in the unfolding of your life.
  • In addressing such symptoms as depression, anxiety, and trauma, I interweave Cognitive-Behavior Therapy throughout our work together.
  • Object-Relations, Psychodynamic, and Attachment theories provide helpful templates for recognizing the specific effect of historical relational experiences on your life today.
  • A Somatically-based approach provides essential information for understanding and working with physical symptoms and accessing nonverbal experiences.
  • For couples, my work is informed by John Gottman’s research, the IFS model, and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).
  • Additionally, I incorporate what I have learned from Intersubjectivity, Guided Imagery, Hypnosis, Brief Dynamic Psychotherapy/AEDP, and Dialectical Behavioral Psychotherapy (DPT).
Tell me, what is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
Mary Oliver