How Does Therapy Help?

To live free of emotional burdens, love fully, feel calm and clear, and move forward creatively and confidently is  “Living On Purpose”. I want to be your “Partner in Purpose”.

Among the benefits from your participation in therapy you can expect:

  • improved  interpersonal relationships
  • resolution of the specific concerns that led you to seek therapy
  • greater capacity for personal insight and awareness
  • increased capacity for calm and focus

Working toward these benefits, however, requires effort on your part and mine as your partner. Psychotherapy is a process that requires you to build trust and be actively involved, candid, and open so that you are increasingly able to identify thoughts, feelings, and/or behaviors that are affecting you.

As your therapist and partner, my role is to help you identify and process these underlying thoughts, feelings, and memories. Processing these properly will bring you:

  • relief 
  • understanding 
  • wisdom 
  • love

To achieve these and other benefits, I employ more than one approach to help guide  your awareness in new and healing ways (see “How My Training Benefits You”) 

Change will sometimes be easy and swift, but it can also be slow and demanding, sometimes even frustrating. During difficult stages of therapy, I will offer you support and experience-based reassurance that staying with difficult, important feelings is the pathway to releasing them and finding greater emotional freedom. My “partnering in purpose” with you will be particularly helpful during these times.

As you learn to uncover and stay with all of your thoughts, feelings, and sensations you will find a new and liberating relationship to them, moving you from being burdened by them to finding the wisdom previously hidden within them. 

Tell me, what is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
Mary Oliver